Mustafa (Impressa F70, Anna Noya)

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Name Mustafa
Wohnort Hamburg
Abstammung: Øniglich-übergalaktisch
Mutter Kalorina Schmalz
Geschwister Kalorina Schmalz
Töchter Kalorina Schmalz
Taufdatum August2017 ,

Mustafa is the most fabulous queens of all times. She is mother, daughter and sister at once to Kalorina Schmalz. Once her Mother-Daughter-Sister wanted to give her the name Anna Noya, since she liked to have a lot of attention from all people around her. She refused this beautiful name. Then one day awaking cofffe thirsty she couldnt get a coffe from this ultra complicated Jura Coffee machine and has therefore been called Impressa F70. She refused this name as well, due to quality issues of the Coffee.

She and her Sister Kalorina Schmalz have a emanzipative relationship. They heard there are rules applied to giving a drag name to one another and gave a fuck. They heard there are rules to define family but sometimes they are too lazy to be sisters, want to annoy each other as daughters or want to patronize each other as mothers. So they live in a everlasting queer family staus. Physicians have called this phenomenon after the superposition of atoms in an empty space. The big research question for the physicist-sociologists is: "Do they have empty brains, or how can they create such unpredictable relationship patterns?"